Wednesday, June 29, 2011

climbing the great wall of china

Soooo it has been a long while... but a whole lot has happened soooo :)

I dont even have a clue where to start..
so what better day to start with than with Sunday!!!!
The day after my one year aniversery with my most amazing wonderful unbelivable boyfriend. (We celebrated a day late bc he worked on saturday) He surprised me we the bestest day i could ask for. He rented a boat and took me out on the lake and we were able to spend the day just to ourselves. It was absolutley amazing and i would not trade it for anything. I dont know how i got so lucky!! (but i sure did)
I gave him a pretty cool (if i mght say) scrapbook that had all the things we did in a whole year and also a cool watch that had 1 year engraved on the back.
Mine is not as creative.. what can i say boyfreind is pretty amazingly awesome and blows everything i do out of the water.

On to the dreaded work week. ( kk not dreaded but i think i might rather sleep in then work)

Monday and Tuesday did not live up to the fun and exciting weekend that procedeed it.
It was a day stuck in training out in the middle of no where.
All i can say is that staying awake in class.... was like trying to climb the great wall of china ( hard but not entirley impossible)

But last night did brighten my day a tad!! Pretty little liars. I have already shared my obession with the show but it just keeps getting more addicting.

Also in addition to my addction to pretty little liars i have become a fan of hulu. Hulu has given me the opprotunity to spread my wings away from the Tv and spend more time with my computer...and watch AMAZING shows that you cant get enough of.
Top show on HULU... LOVE BITES.
One word.. Aweseome :)

Sooo today we will see what God has instore for me :)
im thinking good with a side of boring
but then boyfriend time so at least i know my day will always get brighter

Peaces :)

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