Friday, June 24, 2011

Fitting in a pocket :)

Today/ last night update :)
So last night was pretty awesomely amazing.. well sorda 1/2 way totally normal but anynight with boyfriend gets major stars :)

We went to verizion and had yummy nachos ( Family style) and then sat around and watched the Big Bang theroy while i begged him to please put me in his pocket so that i could go with him on his work trip... He said he would but i am now here in charlotte and he is far far away... idk why he doesnt think i am very serious about this matter :)

Well onto the last day of work... what many people call TGIF :)
It is like any other day so i wont bore you with all the exciting and non exsistent details lol

But at lunch i did run!!! Yay!! ( ohhh yeah this morning i did some strength training turbofire style)
I ran for 25 mins sooo probably a little over 2 miles.. i really have no clue at all by i just run up and down the blocks of uptown and i couldnt even try to drive the same route to calculate because i just meander through all the streets
So anywho ( im sorry for all the silly rants) i have found that i really really really extraordinarlly want to start running... like in a hardcore manner. Everyday. ( except when i rest)

And i found what i will be working towards :)
duh duh duhhhhhh.... A half marathon that is on Sept 17th :)

Ahhh i am so excited!!! The longest distance i have ever run is a 10k sooo i really gonna push myself and i am really gonna try to get down my running time so that i can be uber ultra speedy and blow everybodys mind :) Ahhhh!!

So the first mission on my training program is too..... get the treadmill set up!!! yes it sounds simple but it has been sitting in the garage for idk how long so we got to get it upstairs so i can change my name to the running machine :)

I just know im gonna do awesome :)

Soooo ill update you on how that goes
And ps if boyfriend reads this... i LOVE you and miss you and be safe and come home so i can see you and offically jump up and down in front of you and scream to the world that it has been the most fabulous year with you as my boyfriend!!!
I love you baby :)

k that was all ( im not excited at all about my one year aniversery as you can tell)

peaces :)

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