Friday, June 17, 2011

Live It Love It Earn It

ok so i know its been about 10 secs since my last post but.... im bored. soooooooo its offically book review time!!!!!

I am requiered at work to read a book... not just any book though one that was in the special work libray. I was not exactly thrilled but...... i acutally really am enjoy reading this book. Its called "Live it, Love it, Earn it" by Marinna Olszewski.
It is a woman's guide to finacial freedom.
Ironic since i like dont live on my own and relly on parents on well pretty much everything... they are my life lines. ( So this requires a shout out to them... because they are plain amazing and i just love them and well i will have to do a later post on them)

But anywho... this book is awesome.. So far im on chapter 3 but i have already learned a lot so far and it is def not all about money...its about having an all around better life. ( truly i havent even really read anything yet on money)

sooo i dont go a ton of time because i need to pack up and all but i thought i would squezze this in and just say if you got anytime... it is def a good book to check out :)

i dont read that much so when i say it is interesting... it really is :)

Soooo im out. Peaces :)

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