Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waiting on a Rental

So last night i got outa work and well stayed at work :) you see my mom had to get a rental car it was supposed to be there at like 5 but it didnt come till 5 30 so we just waited.... and waited.
I doesnt seem like a long time but trust me it truly is when you desperatly wanna see you boyfriend and you are starving ( a tad exageration )

Anywho we finally got the brightest blue car anyone has ever seen and headed off home to make some fabulous spagetti, galric bread and turtle cookies :) it was a hit
( it had to be a hit since we used the most incredible spagetti sauce on the face of the earth... it is from trader joes :) ohhhh myyy all i have go to say is that is is incredible and will make any dish ( doesnt even have to be italian) pure deliosuness

Next me and boyfriend decided to hit the weights :)
He really pushed me. i had to to 10 lb curl and chest press which is crazy for me ( im a light weight you see )

after that he went away and i worked on a surprise :) cant tell bc he reads this but you will hear about it on sunday :)
totaloo :)
and peaces

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