Thursday, June 23, 2011

taking the training wheels off

Well this morining i did a global service project.. aka go help out : )
i usually really really enjoy these events but even though there were kids and bikes invovled i just felt well very unqualifed. I usually excel at playing with kids and at ridding bikes but now i know that they do NOT go together when i am around because i make them fall. :(
I feel as if i am the most horrible person for making a special need kid fall. Basically what happened was there were these specail bikes with a handle on the end and all you had to do was sorda push the handle and then run around with the kid... well i started pushing and i thought i should let go bc thats what i was supposed to do but then over he went
WHY why ME?? he did amazing the rest of the time... he just decided to fall when i was there so i think he is afraid of me now and will always have an imprint of the girl who made him fall... FAIL

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