Monday, June 20, 2011

Howdy :)

Today. Not to interesting. but none the less it is a day of my life so i gotta apreciate it :)

5:00 am WAKE UP :) bright and early
then head down stairs while half asleep and start working out to Turbofire. I did turbofire 45 this morning and it was killer.
My body has been pretty tired bc i am not used to being on the go all the time sooo i didnt work out this weekend... so nevertheless i was tired and out of breath. But i LOVED every second of it :)
Shower and b fast :)
B fast consited of what i have every single morning. Kashi whole grain puffs and almond milk... also i added some yummy apple cinimonn sticks bc they are just to hard to resist.

After on to work to read my required reading book ( LIVE IT LOVE IT EARN IT)
Lunch/ walk around by myself
On a side note i can NOT sit still so i always have to do something during my one hour work break. I so wish it was longer bc i just feel akward changing into work out clothes for such a small time so i usually just walk.... but that might have to change bc i have been reading this blog called the hungry runner girl (look her up) and i have now got a hunger to run. like i really really really want to sooooo just be prepared to hear about my new adventure.... im giving you a heads up :)

Anywho back to my day..
Work and hopefully home in about an hour and a half.
and then to see boyfriend!!! :)
he is at work today too sooo i dont feel all alone in the work force.


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