Friday, June 17, 2011

Yay!! Post # uno

I am so excited about this post. I have been contemplating a while. I have become obsessed with other blogs such as
  • How sweet it is
  • My life as a Mrs.
  • The hungry runner girl
well that is just a couple of the many. i started out this blogging journey by stumbling upon the blogging world and i am so pleased to become a part of it. Ahhh :)

So today.
Work. Blah (understatment)

I havent worked for long. kinda sad since im 21 and this is my first real job but im finally apart of the work force.
But dont get me wrong, i totally like having the whole schedule thing because i am the kind of person that pretty much needs to be doing somthing 99.9 (nope.. really 100%) of the time. So because of that i dont good on summer days when i have NOTHING to do at all.
So now i get to wake up early (5:00 am..yes im crazy)and workout rush to get ready. Rush to work. Do work till 5. Go home. See my amazing most wonderful boyfriend. EAT. Watch TV. Catch up with Boyfriend. and finally go to night night at around 9:30

Pretty boring but it keeps me busy. :) so no complaints... unless it is boring at work and then well i started a blog. so i guess i take back the complaining part cause this is just plain awesome. :)

Sooo right now i have one more hour.... what to do??
Write MORE :)
gosh i can see this becoming quite addicting.

So today let me tell you the interesting details (ok not at all interesting but they are my life so its gotta count for somthing)
1. Wake up
2. Yoga ( Bethany Frankel Style) [ i looove her for some reason.... like i find her life to be so completly interesting and i could just watch her show a ton and a half. Boyfriend... well he isnt to thrilled with watching if but...... he loves me so we watch it together. :) ]
3. Get ready and make some yummy koolaid. ( fyi you will see that i loooove little kid food.. a lot)
4. Work
5. Lunch and Bank of America. and a small walk with my momy. We work at the same place ( ok confession  im in intern but i have a badge so that is fun ) We walked a little ways and then stopped by the farmers market. And also some more info about myself... i really dont like fruits ( only the presliced apples) Sooooo my mommy bought stuff for daddy and boyfriend and i got some peppers for a yummy stir fry. MY OH MY ILOVE STIR FRYS :) [ill post a pic when i make it]
6. Work
7. IDK because it is only 4:09 and i have to be at work till 5 soooooo i guess some looking around, maybe reading and wandering and blogging :)

Well im doing this from my work computer but next time i post i promise to post some fun pics :)

Peaces. im out :)

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