Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Kick off

Today my soon to be in laws are coming into town :)
I had to work today becuase i only get a tad bit of days off and since it is my first week and the job i thought it would probably be better not to leave just yet. :)

So I am all alone working today :(

But so far today I have had a pretty good day.
I started work off by working on a little newsletter and organizing some and then it was lunch :)

Me and another intern went down to the caffecteria (just fyi.... i am a horrible speller. no judging... well you can i dont care)
I had a yummy regular salad that was topped with sliced up hard boiled eggs :) YUMMY
and a 1/2 of a banna

Pretty healthy i must say :)

Next we went to speed street. I live in Charlotte and this coming week we have the Coca - Cola 600. So every year there is a huge celebration with tons of vendors and free stuff. They take over a ton of the main streets and shut them down for this event. It is actually kind of fun :) I got a couple of good goodies but i didnt get a ton becuase most of the stuff was like ice cream and just unhealthy and since this is also my first week trying to get back in shape i tried to stay away from all the tempations.

So anyway... I only have about 30 mins left of work and then my 3 day weekend begins!! I am oh so excited!!!

  • Do you have any plans for this weekend?
    • Hanging with the in laws :)
  • Does your city have any cool things in the center of town?
    • yes a ton :) Charlotte always feels like something is going on... and i like that :)
  • What did you have for lunch??  
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Our LOVE Story

So today I thought i would post OUR story... me and Aaron's.... the greates story I know :)

Why today?? well because today we have offically been dating for 23 months..almost 2 years and less than a year till our wedding!

It all started back in my second semester at college... in Athropology class. I know what a random class to meet but i love it.
Neither one of us where Anthropology major but we both needed the class.
Aaron sat in the back of the classroom and I sat at the front. (bc fyi... i am a total nerd lol)
But anyway about a  month into school we had a review for one of the upcoming tests and i decided to go just to get some hints. Aaron happend to be there too!
I remember looking at him and thinking that he was way to cool for me and was way hott :)
So as the review continued I ended up answering most of the question and finally a question came up and the anwer was lemurs.
Anyway.. Aaron asked what is a lemur... and I replyed "What, have you never seen the movie Madagascar??"
He said no.... and then the review continued.
But those where are first spoken words to each other.
I had no idea but Aaron had already had his eyes on me since the first day... he said he didnt learn anything really bc all he did was just look at me in class.
So after that test was completed another test came up and about a week before Aaron came up and asked me if i could study with him bc I seemed smart.
I still was clueless about him liking me but i said yes.
I came with all my study guide done but we ended up laughing and talking the WHOLE time.
I loved it!!

So basically that continued throgh all the other tests but I still had no idea that he really liked me. I felt like maybe he just wanted a friend.
He took me on a date to the Brio ( AMAZING) and we had a great time but he thought i didnt like him and i thought he didnt really like me so we ended up not really hanging out to much more.

Then after that semester was over Aaron texted me and asked if I could just hang out. I said yes... and from that point on I knew he was the one.
That day we went to a cute resturant, zeta jane's, went to taste of charlotte and then went to his appartment to go hang out with some of his friends.

After all of that we hung out EVERY SINGLE day that summer. It took him about 3 weeks for him to ask me to be his girlfriend but finally on June 25th, 2010 he asked.

We have had the greatest time EVER. I would not change one thing.
I am oh so glad he asked what a lemur was that one day :)
I have no idea what I would do without my best friend. He is more than all my hopes and dreams and better than any prince charming I have ever seen!

I know God brought him right to that class for a reason :)

I am so incredibly blessed and I am so ready becuase in 358 more days I can finally say I am his wife <3

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Be Buff

Good Morning :)

So another workday. Only 1 more day till Friday and relaxation.
I have (almost) made it a whole work week.

so lets get started with yesterday :)

Yesterday was pretty normal agian
I really am sorry yall... i have a pretty borning normal life. :) wow that sure makes everyone want to follow me hahaha
but for real i do :)

So anyway I began my day doing to awesome Turbofire. I am keeping up with all the days :) pretty proud of myself i must say. :)
I completed Fire 30 again. and then at lunch time I did some BUFF YOGA.
I have to say it wasnt as amazing as AIR BALLET but I still really enjoyed it. I was so nice to be able to stretch and relax during the middle of the day.
Plus I really feel ( i know it really doesnt) like it lengthens me out and gives me dancer abs. (which i so totally want)

Work was the same old same old. actually not a whole lot to do.
but i dont mind getting paid to do nothin :) (i did do some stuff just not a ton)

Last night I have to say I was very very very exhausted. I think it has been my 2 a day work outs plus waking up earlier than usual. I was like a walking zombie. but i pushed myself to stay up till 9:30. (I could have gone to bed at like 5 and been prefectly happy lol )

So last night me and my mom went to wally world and then to the mailbox and then to harris teeter to get some yummy almond milk.

Just one note/ fun fact about me.... I am in love with unsweetned almond milk. It is so delicous and low calorie. Plus i really feel like I am partially lactose intolerant so that just makes it nessary (in my eyes) to buy this yummy stuff :)

Ok so I know that was boring but hopefully this weekend will be a tad bit more exciting :)

talk to yall soon :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Air Ballet and kaboom

Hello everyone!

So lets see... overall yesterday was pretty great.

It started off with HITT 15. Day 2 complete
I am really loving going through Turbofire. It is so upbeat and even though I have to get up early it totally starts my day off right and actually gives me a ton and a half more energy.

So then it was off to work. It was pretty normal, nothing really to update. Just training and meetings and then lunch time came.

So I joined a gym right across the street from my work called Flex and Fit. It is AMAZING!!! I think I need to say it again AMAZING!!! I am in love!

Yesterday I took AIR BALLET. Bascically there are hanging fabiris from the celling which we used to do different ballet type moves and also cardio. It worked my whole entire body! A total win :)


I am so excited.... today I am going to try Buff Yoga. (I think it is basscially Yoga with Weights) I will update you tommorow will all the details :)

Then it was back to work and then home.

When I got home I had some dinner which consisted of a tortilla pizza. Also AMAZING. and then some peanut butter and  a rice cake. Yummy :)

After dinner me and my mom ended up going for a good 30 minute walk in our neighborhood. It was so nice just to walk and talk with my mommy :) I love her oh so much.

And the the kaboom happenened.
Bascially when we had gotten back home we could see and hear a thunderstrom was coming our way. But I mean that happens all the time. We were sitting there watching TV ( My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding) and then a huge lightning strike hit right (i mean litteraly) outside of our back window. It was so crazy scary!

Um Wow that was no fun at all.

But we are all ok... it was just a crazy experiecne.

Have a wonderful day all yall

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1st day

Well yesterday was my first day at work.
My 2nd go around as in intern :)

I must say that even though this is only my second time going to work here i feel a million billion more times more confident than i did last summer.

So anywho I woke up sorda early (6 am) to go and work out.

I offically strated TurboFire again.

Day ONE complete - Fire 30

It felt absolutley AMAZING to finally complete it. I already feel better.
My goal is to offically start to lose 5 to 10 lbs. I just want to tone up. I know that eveyone says that but I guess it is really the truth.
So ill keep yall updated on that journey... maybe even progress pics. But idk i havent even taken any yet.

In conjunction with my Turbofire, I am also working on my eating habits.
I feel like I never learned how to eat properly as a kid so I always just snack and eat baby meals throughout the day and alwasys have to have something sweet at the end of each meal.
( Gummy bears are my favorite)

So I am offically starting the regimin called "Chose to Lose"
My dad is doing this and he has already lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks. (But he also has a lot more weight to lose than me) I am oh so proud of him.
Basicallly this program uses Carb Cycling to confuse your body.
One day you eat only protien, veggies and fats and the next day you eat protien and carbs ( along with veggies if you want)
From what I understand it what a lot of body builders do to lean up :)
So ill take that :)

So back to the rest of the day....
basically work
and then
I got to go see my most wonderful fiance :)
We ate some dinner (ok im trying to get the hang of this whole bloging thing so i forgot to take a picture but i will try to do better) and then went to target.

Just a good way to end a monday

so there you go folks
that was my monday :)


  • How was your monday? Do you consider it to be the wrost day of the week??
    • :) and i feel like monday thru thursday are all the same... and Friday thru Saturday are the best!
  • What workout did you do?
  • What kind of diet of lifestyle works for you??
Have a wonderful day :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Warriors

So this past weekend me and the fiance have done sooo much hard work on our soon to be house. He lives there now with 2 other roommates BUT in less than a year ( 363 days to be exact) I will call it home.

We got back from Myrtle Beach on Thursday afternoon and have been hard at work since.
I started off by pressure washing the little walk way going to the house and then the fiance mowed all the grass.

Friday consisted of doing wayyyy to much work. Probably more work than I have ever done... ever. ( Im not the real lets go get in the dirt kinda girl) We excavated and laid mulch, by hand, for over 300 sq feet to make soon to be flower beds. But it ended up being totally worth it... they look so AMAZING!!
But basically by the end of that day I could barely lift my hand above my head and my arms were literally shaking from doing all that work.
I need to begin to work out more :) ---- at least lifting more weights

Saturday was dedicated to first getting my hair cut but then back to the house..... it never ends lol

We ended up doing a ton of work putting up different lifts and also putting up our 1st American flag!!!

I think it looks pretty darn good :)

Fiance is in the military and I am so honored to put our flag up for all to see. I LOVE America and really feel like we need to learn to appreciate all the little things that we have in America and all the people who have given so much for us.

After all the hard work we got fro yo :)

It is after all my first post back and what better way to be apart of the blogger community than by eating fro yo :)