Friday, July 1, 2011

makin bacon

well here at work again...:)

It is like most days at work except for one big factor.... hardly NO one else is here. Its like a ghost town plus... my mom, dad and boyfriend are all off playin without me..
All i gotta say is bringing home the bacon stinks if no one else is makin in it with you

But i did come in rather early today in order for me to get off early too!! Yay!! so in t - 40 mins i will be outa here and onto the 4th of July weekend!! ( And ? where did the summer go?.. how is it alreay july)

Oh yeah happy 1st day of july!! today is a spectacular day bc the sunshine is out and a new month is starting and its sorda like you get to start over. :)

Plus the 4th of July is in July.. ahhh i love this holiday!
I love celebrating my country and how awesome America is. I love going to this tiny parade and fighting kids over candy :) ( ok i only fight them for my favorite ones)
And i love bbqs and red white and blue and fireworks!!
Ahhhh i cant wait!
Plus.. added bonus ONE whole day off of work to sleep in and work out as you please :)

So anywho i should probably get back to my job :) and work but peaces and have an absolutley great 1st day of july


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