Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers day :)

Well yesterday was a sucsess!!! My daddy had a fabulous day... one that might be hard to top.

It started how all sundays start.... CHURCH!! my family and boyfriend went to church like always with the exception of a new pastor. I was at first a tad dissapointed bc i have loved my pastor for forever but he was on vacation so they brought in Dr. Akin. He was very good :) so props to him.

After me and boyfriend went and got my phone fixed bc my phone hates me and went into "safe" mode (whatever that is)
but now it is all well :)
After Buffolo wild wings for a fathers day lunch and wowowow it was delioucous!!! :)
i didnt feel that hungry but i scarffed down a ton a wings and nachos. And fyi... get the buffolo dry rub and jamican jerk when you go!! it is sooooo good!

After... me and boyfriend went back and watched "Letters to Juliet". I am totally the luckiest girl to have a boy who watches all the girly love movies with me :) ( and i think he actually enjoys them.. but he would never admit it)

Then another movie... bc well were just plain lazy and it was supposed to rain (but never did)
We saw x men: 1st class :) a total sucesses... it was slow but i recommend it to anyone who knows anything about x men [ just fyi im sorda a dork and like all the comic movies (guilty pleasure)]

Then we ate some el super at farleys. a new pizza place... agian i didnt think i was that hungry but all 4 of us finished a huge xL pizza... And it was amazing light and fresh. LIKE

Lastly to end off a perfect day there had to be some fro yo... gummy bears, cake batter and vinilla :)  nothin better :)  also it was 1/2 off :)

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