Wednesday, June 29, 2011

climbing the great wall of china

Soooo it has been a long while... but a whole lot has happened soooo :)

I dont even have a clue where to start..
so what better day to start with than with Sunday!!!!
The day after my one year aniversery with my most amazing wonderful unbelivable boyfriend. (We celebrated a day late bc he worked on saturday) He surprised me we the bestest day i could ask for. He rented a boat and took me out on the lake and we were able to spend the day just to ourselves. It was absolutley amazing and i would not trade it for anything. I dont know how i got so lucky!! (but i sure did)
I gave him a pretty cool (if i mght say) scrapbook that had all the things we did in a whole year and also a cool watch that had 1 year engraved on the back.
Mine is not as creative.. what can i say boyfreind is pretty amazingly awesome and blows everything i do out of the water.

On to the dreaded work week. ( kk not dreaded but i think i might rather sleep in then work)

Monday and Tuesday did not live up to the fun and exciting weekend that procedeed it.
It was a day stuck in training out in the middle of no where.
All i can say is that staying awake in class.... was like trying to climb the great wall of china ( hard but not entirley impossible)

But last night did brighten my day a tad!! Pretty little liars. I have already shared my obession with the show but it just keeps getting more addicting.

Also in addition to my addction to pretty little liars i have become a fan of hulu. Hulu has given me the opprotunity to spread my wings away from the Tv and spend more time with my computer...and watch AMAZING shows that you cant get enough of.
Top show on HULU... LOVE BITES.
One word.. Aweseome :)

Sooo today we will see what God has instore for me :)
im thinking good with a side of boring
but then boyfriend time so at least i know my day will always get brighter

Peaces :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fitting in a pocket :)

Today/ last night update :)
So last night was pretty awesomely amazing.. well sorda 1/2 way totally normal but anynight with boyfriend gets major stars :)

We went to verizion and had yummy nachos ( Family style) and then sat around and watched the Big Bang theroy while i begged him to please put me in his pocket so that i could go with him on his work trip... He said he would but i am now here in charlotte and he is far far away... idk why he doesnt think i am very serious about this matter :)

Well onto the last day of work... what many people call TGIF :)
It is like any other day so i wont bore you with all the exciting and non exsistent details lol

But at lunch i did run!!! Yay!! ( ohhh yeah this morning i did some strength training turbofire style)
I ran for 25 mins sooo probably a little over 2 miles.. i really have no clue at all by i just run up and down the blocks of uptown and i couldnt even try to drive the same route to calculate because i just meander through all the streets
So anywho ( im sorry for all the silly rants) i have found that i really really really extraordinarlly want to start running... like in a hardcore manner. Everyday. ( except when i rest)

And i found what i will be working towards :)
duh duh duhhhhhh.... A half marathon that is on Sept 17th :)

Ahhh i am so excited!!! The longest distance i have ever run is a 10k sooo i really gonna push myself and i am really gonna try to get down my running time so that i can be uber ultra speedy and blow everybodys mind :) Ahhhh!!

So the first mission on my training program is too..... get the treadmill set up!!! yes it sounds simple but it has been sitting in the garage for idk how long so we got to get it upstairs so i can change my name to the running machine :)

I just know im gonna do awesome :)

Soooo ill update you on how that goes
And ps if boyfriend reads this... i LOVE you and miss you and be safe and come home so i can see you and offically jump up and down in front of you and scream to the world that it has been the most fabulous year with you as my boyfriend!!!
I love you baby :)

k that was all ( im not excited at all about my one year aniversery as you can tell)

peaces :)

Looking on the brighter side

Well its Friday!!! :)
Yay Yippie Wohoo and idk any other fun word but i sure would write them if i could think of them.
But about the post.
So lately ive been reading a lot about how to look on the good side and not get down.
Nomrmally i would like to believe i am a posotive person and i sorda am but i also have a dark and sad side
I know that is depressing and i dont want it to be that way... but through all my reading i am finding that you make your life. You are the person that decides if you are happy and you are the person that has the power to change your attitude.
This process first started when i began obsesivly reading "The hungry girl runner" I really connect with her because well i can see the things that she has gone through but at the same time.. i am def not up to her point where she is.. She seems to always be happy ( which i  know is impossible) but it still seems like it.
I am sorda in the process of trying to have an attitude like hers... she has overcame disorded eating and having to exercise and is ok with exactly what she eats.. She enjoys her life

I truly want to learn how to stop the worrying ....which hey.... the LIVE IT LOVE IT EARN IT book talks aobut!
It is so cool that this is being put in my path right when i need it!
God is deffentily helping me/ molding me into who he wants me to be by placing these things in my life

So what i have learned so far from the both of these sources is:
1. Life is Short.. you have to enjoy it
2. Don't let worry control it... set aside a time and worry about things then live your life and forget about it
3. Dont let the silly suprefical things decide your self worth
4. Decide what makes you happy and do it
5. Trust God.... He knows what He is doing
and lastly...
6. Be yourself... be who you want to be :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

taking the training wheels off

Well this morining i did a global service project.. aka go help out : )
i usually really really enjoy these events but even though there were kids and bikes invovled i just felt well very unqualifed. I usually excel at playing with kids and at ridding bikes but now i know that they do NOT go together when i am around because i make them fall. :(
I feel as if i am the most horrible person for making a special need kid fall. Basically what happened was there were these specail bikes with a handle on the end and all you had to do was sorda push the handle and then run around with the kid... well i started pushing and i thought i should let go bc thats what i was supposed to do but then over he went
WHY why ME?? he did amazing the rest of the time... he just decided to fall when i was there so i think he is afraid of me now and will always have an imprint of the girl who made him fall... FAIL

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today in my quiet time i am reading hebrews 11 ( the faith chapter)
What is faith?? i began to ask myself that question and what does it look like to live it out in our daily lives?
How can you see faith, how do you know you that your faith is strong enough?

All these questions came to mind as I read.
Hebrews 11:1 says that "Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certin of what you do not see".. Now to me  that means that no matter what if your faith is strong... it should not waver..
No matter what.. through trials, through the hard times, through the times that don't make sense.. that is crazy to me and it really is pushing me to reexamine how strong my faith is... I need to work on this part bc so many times i ask WHY WHY?? why am i going through this God... cant you see i have a better plan... but true faith is being certin of God.. even though you can not see his plan. :) wow it is so cool to think about how much God loves us and how much he wants us to trust him.

Next i read about all of the Godly men who had faith... they didnt see there dreams come into a reality yet they beleived.
That mankes me want to be a better christian and not to doubt or worry about the silly things but focus my mind on God and desire heaven.. Keeping my mind on things above is such a struggle but i can see through this chapter that it is LIFE CHANGING!!! :)

I want that... it is crazy how just after reading this chapter i am craving to become a better christian and live for the things above and trust God more than anything!! :)

Pray for me as i try to live a life that gives glory to God and one that is lived out in faith :)

God bless you all :)

Summer Lovin

Last night was perfect :) pure awesomeness wrapped up with a pretty glittery bow ( but probably not as awesome as the weekend is gonna be bc it is my one yr aniversery with boyfriend!!! im stoked)
Anywho back to last night :)
After a long day at work we went home and met boyfriend waiting for me :) ahhh i love him :)
we ate dinner and then went on a spur of the momment swimming trip :)
Me and boyfriend have only been in the pool one other time this year ( soo very sad but oh so true) so it def was a super excellent way to begin a night that already had one great thing going for it.... PRETTY LITTLE LIARS :)
So after swimming and laughing my head off for an hour (boyfriend is quite funny and likes to try to tickle me) we had to go back home and get our dessert ready ( nillia icecream for me and rocky road with a chocolatte chip cookie for boyfriend)  so we could snuggle up and watch Pretty little liars :)

Just some background :)
I ment boyfriend last summer... right when pretty little liars had its first episode.. so he has watched them all with me ( God has perfect timing) because it would not be nearly as fun without him there with me

It was just plain perfect :)
I am getting the hang of this whole work thin.. i was having a ton of trouble adjusting to only getting to see boyfriend at night but now i think it just gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day bc i know that no matter what happens in the day... i still get to see boyfriend at night :) and he makes everything seem good again no matter what ( what can i say... i have the best boyfriend ever)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Insanity v Turbofire

I have looked all around about the difference between turbofire, insanity and p 90x. I just wanted to know what was the best... 4 real.
Everyone says well they are different and i understand but for me it was about what would get me the body i wanted. You hear so many different things about all of these at home fittness programs but which one is gonna get me results ( and the ones you want)
Well i have not tried p 90 x so i can not tell you anything about it but say that i have heard it does awesome things and is mainly about strength training.
I have thought got the opprotunity to do insanity and turbofire... both of which i love. :)

So here is the breakdown
Insanity - Pure cardio with moves that work your arms ( such at pushups and other drills in plank that kill your shoulders) This is an intense work out and honestly sometimes it was hard to get going. I didnt do my mesurments but my b4 and after pics proved that i had really awesome results :)
It really pushed me and made me see how far i could go. And it is still really hard.. even doing just month 1 dvds really kill me still. So it is awesome for getting an amazing cardio workout and burning tons of calories.
I did lose weight doing insanity... that was part of my goal. Many people say that they did not lose weitght... just get in better shape but i truly think it is possible to lose weitght with insanity by making smart nurtrious choices. [ Remember not to over eat while working out... many people feel if they work out they can eat whatever... usually you only burn 200 to 300 calories working out for an hour... so if you are losing weight i would try to just stick to your normal diet and add protien]

Anywho on to
Turbofire - awesome, fun and totally motivating
This workout is still very hard and will push you.... i am always dripping sweat at the end. Some people say it is not as intense as insanity but i feel that is just different. I think i get a great ( just as good) of a workout with trubofire.
this work out is one where you are constantly moving.( and sweating) also there are little fire drills that make you work hard ( nothing like insanity where you are moving at the higest intensity with a break every 3 - 5 minutes.
Turbofire helped me with my ads... it gave me more curves. I think it is alll the twisiting with your core. ( i love it )

i really like both but i might have to chose turbofire as a winner.
I love both but turbofire has given me a more womanly figure but i still do insanity bc im addicted :)

What do yall think?

Waiting on a Rental

So last night i got outa work and well stayed at work :) you see my mom had to get a rental car it was supposed to be there at like 5 but it didnt come till 5 30 so we just waited.... and waited.
I doesnt seem like a long time but trust me it truly is when you desperatly wanna see you boyfriend and you are starving ( a tad exageration )

Anywho we finally got the brightest blue car anyone has ever seen and headed off home to make some fabulous spagetti, galric bread and turtle cookies :) it was a hit
( it had to be a hit since we used the most incredible spagetti sauce on the face of the earth... it is from trader joes :) ohhhh myyy all i have go to say is that is is incredible and will make any dish ( doesnt even have to be italian) pure deliosuness

Next me and boyfriend decided to hit the weights :)
He really pushed me. i had to to 10 lb curl and chest press which is crazy for me ( im a light weight you see )

after that he went away and i worked on a surprise :) cant tell bc he reads this but you will hear about it on sunday :)
totaloo :)
and peaces

Monday, June 20, 2011

Howdy :)

Today. Not to interesting. but none the less it is a day of my life so i gotta apreciate it :)

5:00 am WAKE UP :) bright and early
then head down stairs while half asleep and start working out to Turbofire. I did turbofire 45 this morning and it was killer.
My body has been pretty tired bc i am not used to being on the go all the time sooo i didnt work out this weekend... so nevertheless i was tired and out of breath. But i LOVED every second of it :)
Shower and b fast :)
B fast consited of what i have every single morning. Kashi whole grain puffs and almond milk... also i added some yummy apple cinimonn sticks bc they are just to hard to resist.

After on to work to read my required reading book ( LIVE IT LOVE IT EARN IT)
Lunch/ walk around by myself
On a side note i can NOT sit still so i always have to do something during my one hour work break. I so wish it was longer bc i just feel akward changing into work out clothes for such a small time so i usually just walk.... but that might have to change bc i have been reading this blog called the hungry runner girl (look her up) and i have now got a hunger to run. like i really really really want to sooooo just be prepared to hear about my new adventure.... im giving you a heads up :)

Anywho back to my day..
Work and hopefully home in about an hour and a half.
and then to see boyfriend!!! :)
he is at work today too sooo i dont feel all alone in the work force.


Happy Fathers day :)

Well yesterday was a sucsess!!! My daddy had a fabulous day... one that might be hard to top.

It started how all sundays start.... CHURCH!! my family and boyfriend went to church like always with the exception of a new pastor. I was at first a tad dissapointed bc i have loved my pastor for forever but he was on vacation so they brought in Dr. Akin. He was very good :) so props to him.

After me and boyfriend went and got my phone fixed bc my phone hates me and went into "safe" mode (whatever that is)
but now it is all well :)
After Buffolo wild wings for a fathers day lunch and wowowow it was delioucous!!! :)
i didnt feel that hungry but i scarffed down a ton a wings and nachos. And fyi... get the buffolo dry rub and jamican jerk when you go!! it is sooooo good!

After... me and boyfriend went back and watched "Letters to Juliet". I am totally the luckiest girl to have a boy who watches all the girly love movies with me :) ( and i think he actually enjoys them.. but he would never admit it)

Then another movie... bc well were just plain lazy and it was supposed to rain (but never did)
We saw x men: 1st class :) a total sucesses... it was slow but i recommend it to anyone who knows anything about x men [ just fyi im sorda a dork and like all the comic movies (guilty pleasure)]

Then we ate some el super at farleys. a new pizza place... agian i didnt think i was that hungry but all 4 of us finished a huge xL pizza... And it was amazing light and fresh. LIKE

Lastly to end off a perfect day there had to be some fro yo... gummy bears, cake batter and vinilla :)  nothin better :)  also it was 1/2 off :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding Bells are ringing :)

Here comes the bride :)
my oh my yesterday i went to a beautiful wedding. it was out in the country and it was just fabulous. God totally provided and made it not rain and the weather was brillant.

First the setting was at the house ( not mine.. the brides). The bride was my best friend when i was in highschool and i spent sooo much ( really probablly to much time at the house) But anywho this is not about me at all. She had cute picnic tables decorated with white and silver table clothes and then some purple.

Ok side not that is crazy. I promise i thought this wedding was absoulutley breath taking and one day i would like mine to sorda be the same (boyfriend :)) And they put this wedding together in 4 days!!! How can that be... it was so perfect and done in so little time.
THat is just crazy. because i have a feeling mine is gonna take maybe a whole year and probably not be a wonderful :(

ANywho the wedding was simple but elegant and then there was the cake.... ohhhh i loved it. No loved is not strong enough bc it was funfetti!!!! MY FAVORITE.  ( now i sorda feel bad bc well that is def gonna be at my wedding)

and then we danced to the cha cha slide and then i got to slow dance w boyfriend. ( it was uber romanitic) and sorda my fav part. :)

But i mean it was a total sucsess and i am completly excited about it

So congratulations bride and groom :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why hello :)

Well today has been pretty amazing so far.
As i type (lol)) i am getting ready to go to a wedding... kinda/ really spur of the momment one... i learned about it on wednesday. But anywho i am pretty excited. :)

Last night was fabulous... i got to try some new fro yo ( and it was 1/2 off) it was just truly amazing. I had some delicous cake batter fro yo and then gummy bears on top. [ i always always always get gummy bears] THis quite odd habiat started at marble slab when i was just a young, you know, whipper snapper. :)
But that was not the only fabulous thing.... i got to spend the who rest of the night ( until he dropped me off at my house) with boyfriend. It was amazing bc i have found that one of the down sides about work is that i am not able to spend every single momment with him... ( i have however tried several times to get him to go with me.. i told him i would hide him in my pocket.. but it didnt really work)

Sooo onto today... Started off with me making some b fast :)
I made my first batch of french toast.... pure yumminess :) and also some egg bacon cups :) also pure awesomness :)

After that on to buy daddy day presents
and then to paint :)

k well i really got to get goin but i promise pics of all ive done :) plus the wedding

and peaces to all :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Live It Love It Earn It

ok so i know its been about 10 secs since my last post but.... im bored. soooooooo its offically book review time!!!!!

I am requiered at work to read a book... not just any book though one that was in the special work libray. I was not exactly thrilled but...... i acutally really am enjoy reading this book. Its called "Live it, Love it, Earn it" by Marinna Olszewski.
It is a woman's guide to finacial freedom.
Ironic since i like dont live on my own and relly on parents on well pretty much everything... they are my life lines. ( So this requires a shout out to them... because they are plain amazing and i just love them and well i will have to do a later post on them)

But anywho... this book is awesome.. So far im on chapter 3 but i have already learned a lot so far and it is def not all about money...its about having an all around better life. ( truly i havent even really read anything yet on money)

sooo i dont go a ton of time because i need to pack up and all but i thought i would squezze this in and just say if you got anytime... it is def a good book to check out :)

i dont read that much so when i say it is interesting... it really is :)

Soooo im out. Peaces :)

Yay!! Post # uno

I am so excited about this post. I have been contemplating a while. I have become obsessed with other blogs such as
  • How sweet it is
  • My life as a Mrs.
  • The hungry runner girl
well that is just a couple of the many. i started out this blogging journey by stumbling upon the blogging world and i am so pleased to become a part of it. Ahhh :)

So today.
Work. Blah (understatment)

I havent worked for long. kinda sad since im 21 and this is my first real job but im finally apart of the work force.
But dont get me wrong, i totally like having the whole schedule thing because i am the kind of person that pretty much needs to be doing somthing 99.9 (nope.. really 100%) of the time. So because of that i dont good on summer days when i have NOTHING to do at all.
So now i get to wake up early (5:00 am..yes im crazy)and workout rush to get ready. Rush to work. Do work till 5. Go home. See my amazing most wonderful boyfriend. EAT. Watch TV. Catch up with Boyfriend. and finally go to night night at around 9:30

Pretty boring but it keeps me busy. :) so no complaints... unless it is boring at work and then well i started a blog. so i guess i take back the complaining part cause this is just plain awesome. :)

Sooo right now i have one more hour.... what to do??
Write MORE :)
gosh i can see this becoming quite addicting.

So today let me tell you the interesting details (ok not at all interesting but they are my life so its gotta count for somthing)
1. Wake up
2. Yoga ( Bethany Frankel Style) [ i looove her for some reason.... like i find her life to be so completly interesting and i could just watch her show a ton and a half. Boyfriend... well he isnt to thrilled with watching if but...... he loves me so we watch it together. :) ]
3. Get ready and make some yummy koolaid. ( fyi you will see that i loooove little kid food.. a lot)
4. Work
5. Lunch and Bank of America. and a small walk with my momy. We work at the same place ( ok confession  im in intern but i have a badge so that is fun ) We walked a little ways and then stopped by the farmers market. And also some more info about myself... i really dont like fruits ( only the presliced apples) Sooooo my mommy bought stuff for daddy and boyfriend and i got some peppers for a yummy stir fry. MY OH MY ILOVE STIR FRYS :) [ill post a pic when i make it]
6. Work
7. IDK because it is only 4:09 and i have to be at work till 5 soooooo i guess some looking around, maybe reading and wandering and blogging :)

Well im doing this from my work computer but next time i post i promise to post some fun pics :)

Peaces. im out :)