Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why hello :)

Well today has been pretty amazing so far.
As i type (lol)) i am getting ready to go to a wedding... kinda/ really spur of the momment one... i learned about it on wednesday. But anywho i am pretty excited. :)

Last night was fabulous... i got to try some new fro yo ( and it was 1/2 off) it was just truly amazing. I had some delicous cake batter fro yo and then gummy bears on top. [ i always always always get gummy bears] THis quite odd habiat started at marble slab when i was just a young, you know, whipper snapper. :)
But that was not the only fabulous thing.... i got to spend the who rest of the night ( until he dropped me off at my house) with boyfriend. It was amazing bc i have found that one of the down sides about work is that i am not able to spend every single momment with him... ( i have however tried several times to get him to go with me.. i told him i would hide him in my pocket.. but it didnt really work)

Sooo onto today... Started off with me making some b fast :)
I made my first batch of french toast.... pure yumminess :) and also some egg bacon cups :) also pure awesomness :)

After that on to buy daddy day presents
and then to paint :)

k well i really got to get goin but i promise pics of all ive done :) plus the wedding

and peaces to all :)

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