Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Insanity v Turbofire

I have looked all around about the difference between turbofire, insanity and p 90x. I just wanted to know what was the best... 4 real.
Everyone says well they are different and i understand but for me it was about what would get me the body i wanted. You hear so many different things about all of these at home fittness programs but which one is gonna get me results ( and the ones you want)
Well i have not tried p 90 x so i can not tell you anything about it but say that i have heard it does awesome things and is mainly about strength training.
I have thought got the opprotunity to do insanity and turbofire... both of which i love. :)

So here is the breakdown
Insanity - Pure cardio with moves that work your arms ( such at pushups and other drills in plank that kill your shoulders) This is an intense work out and honestly sometimes it was hard to get going. I didnt do my mesurments but my b4 and after pics proved that i had really awesome results :)
It really pushed me and made me see how far i could go. And it is still really hard.. even doing just month 1 dvds really kill me still. So it is awesome for getting an amazing cardio workout and burning tons of calories.
I did lose weight doing insanity... that was part of my goal. Many people say that they did not lose weitght... just get in better shape but i truly think it is possible to lose weitght with insanity by making smart nurtrious choices. [ Remember not to over eat while working out... many people feel if they work out they can eat whatever... usually you only burn 200 to 300 calories working out for an hour... so if you are losing weight i would try to just stick to your normal diet and add protien]

Anywho on to
Turbofire - awesome, fun and totally motivating
This workout is still very hard and will push you.... i am always dripping sweat at the end. Some people say it is not as intense as insanity but i feel that is just different. I think i get a great ( just as good) of a workout with trubofire.
this work out is one where you are constantly moving.( and sweating) also there are little fire drills that make you work hard ( nothing like insanity where you are moving at the higest intensity with a break every 3 - 5 minutes.
Turbofire helped me with my ads... it gave me more curves. I think it is alll the twisiting with your core. ( i love it )

i really like both but i might have to chose turbofire as a winner.
I love both but turbofire has given me a more womanly figure but i still do insanity bc im addicted :)

What do yall think?

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