Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Lovin

Last night was perfect :) pure awesomeness wrapped up with a pretty glittery bow ( but probably not as awesome as the weekend is gonna be bc it is my one yr aniversery with boyfriend!!! im stoked)
Anywho back to last night :)
After a long day at work we went home and met boyfriend waiting for me :) ahhh i love him :)
we ate dinner and then went on a spur of the momment swimming trip :)
Me and boyfriend have only been in the pool one other time this year ( soo very sad but oh so true) so it def was a super excellent way to begin a night that already had one great thing going for it.... PRETTY LITTLE LIARS :)
So after swimming and laughing my head off for an hour (boyfriend is quite funny and likes to try to tickle me) we had to go back home and get our dessert ready ( nillia icecream for me and rocky road with a chocolatte chip cookie for boyfriend)  so we could snuggle up and watch Pretty little liars :)

Just some background :)
I ment boyfriend last summer... right when pretty little liars had its first episode.. so he has watched them all with me ( God has perfect timing) because it would not be nearly as fun without him there with me

It was just plain perfect :)
I am getting the hang of this whole work thin.. i was having a ton of trouble adjusting to only getting to see boyfriend at night but now i think it just gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day bc i know that no matter what happens in the day... i still get to see boyfriend at night :) and he makes everything seem good again no matter what ( what can i say... i have the best boyfriend ever)

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