Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding Bells are ringing :)

Here comes the bride :)
my oh my yesterday i went to a beautiful wedding. it was out in the country and it was just fabulous. God totally provided and made it not rain and the weather was brillant.

First the setting was at the house ( not mine.. the brides). The bride was my best friend when i was in highschool and i spent sooo much ( really probablly to much time at the house) But anywho this is not about me at all. She had cute picnic tables decorated with white and silver table clothes and then some purple.

Ok side not that is crazy. I promise i thought this wedding was absoulutley breath taking and one day i would like mine to sorda be the same (boyfriend :)) And they put this wedding together in 4 days!!! How can that be... it was so perfect and done in so little time.
THat is just crazy. because i have a feeling mine is gonna take maybe a whole year and probably not be a wonderful :(

ANywho the wedding was simple but elegant and then there was the cake.... ohhhh i loved it. No loved is not strong enough bc it was funfetti!!!! MY FAVORITE.  ( now i sorda feel bad bc well that is def gonna be at my wedding)

and then we danced to the cha cha slide and then i got to slow dance w boyfriend. ( it was uber romanitic) and sorda my fav part. :)

But i mean it was a total sucsess and i am completly excited about it

So congratulations bride and groom :)

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