Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking on the brighter side

Well its Friday!!! :)
Yay Yippie Wohoo and idk any other fun word but i sure would write them if i could think of them.
But about the post.
So lately ive been reading a lot about how to look on the good side and not get down.
Nomrmally i would like to believe i am a posotive person and i sorda am but i also have a dark and sad side
I know that is depressing and i dont want it to be that way... but through all my reading i am finding that you make your life. You are the person that decides if you are happy and you are the person that has the power to change your attitude.
This process first started when i began obsesivly reading "The hungry girl runner" I really connect with her because well i can see the things that she has gone through but at the same time.. i am def not up to her point where she is.. She seems to always be happy ( which i  know is impossible) but it still seems like it.
I am sorda in the process of trying to have an attitude like hers... she has overcame disorded eating and having to exercise and is ok with exactly what she eats.. She enjoys her life

I truly want to learn how to stop the worrying ....which hey.... the LIVE IT LOVE IT EARN IT book talks aobut!
It is so cool that this is being put in my path right when i need it!
God is deffentily helping me/ molding me into who he wants me to be by placing these things in my life

So what i have learned so far from the both of these sources is:
1. Life is Short.. you have to enjoy it
2. Don't let worry control it... set aside a time and worry about things then live your life and forget about it
3. Dont let the silly suprefical things decide your self worth
4. Decide what makes you happy and do it
5. Trust God.... He knows what He is doing
and lastly...
6. Be yourself... be who you want to be :)

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