Monday, June 18, 2012

forgotten.. no never :)

So it has been a while again... but that is only because i thought i had forgotten my password to blogspot.. :(
idk how in the world I do that because it is very similar to all the other passwords i use but some how i do.

So anywho.. 334 more days or exactly 11 months until I become Mrs. Rankin (#2.. bc his mom is already Mrs. Rankin lol)
I am so incredibly excited!! like can not stop smilling and counting down the days excited.

And tommorow i get to show yall some of they AMAZING engagement picutres! I am so so so excited for that to. I have only got to see 3 in a sneak peak that they sent me but tommorow I will finally get to see them all.
I so hope that I really like them.
I am kinda nervous because in some pictures I just do not love the way I look but im keeping my fingers crossed. :)

So lets catch up... it has been a while.

Well me and Aaron went and did some golfing :)
I have fallen in love with a new favorite work snack
And we went and watched some baseball

I say it has been pretty good since I have last time.

So lets catch up on the whole eating and getting in perfect wedding day shape. :)

So I think I have been eating pretty good throughout the weeks but the weekends just stink :(

I have got to figure out how to stay on track. Any ideas???

Turbofire is going good though :) I just love it... and can see some results. I am on Week 4 now.

So here to maybe conquer the whole eating bad on the weekend thing I have decided to make up a little food meal plan for the week.
Breakfast - Special K protein cereal with Almond milk
Snack 1 - 1/2 mini muffin
Lunch - Detour Bar
Snack 2- Deli meat turkey
Snack for driving home - small amount of popcorn
Dinner - tortilla pizza with pepperonis, cottage chese and a apple cinimion rice cake

So all in all  I think i have a pretty good plan. Ill keep you updated.

1. What is your daily eating like?
2. Are any of you looking forward to something coming up?
3. Any new deliocous snacks I should try?

Have a super wonderful Monday!! :)

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