Tuesday, June 19, 2012

bright part of my day

So this afternoon has been a true snooze fest.
Basically I have sat at my desk and just browsed the internet that is not blocked.

But it is finally time to almost go home!! YAY and YIPPIE :)

The one bright part of my day occured during lunch. I usually go work out at the most awesome gym in the whole wide world but today I really just wanted to walk.
So I walked around Downtown Charlotte.
It was so beautiful outside that I could not resist. :)
I walked around for about 1 hr.

While I was walking I saw a couple of places that I wanted to eat at. Including this fun pizza and pasta bar all classed up :)

I also walked by this cute little church that me and Aaron walked past on our 2nd time hanging out... that brings back the best of memories.

I am just amazed at how many things bring back memories of me and Aaron.
I really wish I was with him right now :)

Only 10 mins more... i can make it. I think.

Have you ever had one of those days that just dragged on and on? How do you get through it?
What is the highlight of your day? - mine will be seeing my Aaron
What did yall do for lunch?

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