Monday, June 25, 2012

Perfect Saturday

This weekend was absolutley fabulous :)
I loved getting to hang out with my Aaron.

This weekend started off AMAZING by going for a Saturday morning run. I ran 3 miles and fininshed in 26 minutes.
That is not my most amazing run but it was great to get back out and run.... and that was my first offical run of my 1/2 marathon training plan. (more to come on that)

Then once I got back and cooled off a tad I started making some b fast. Aaron came over for some delicous breakfast.
I made some cinimon rolls and some (not so good) greek yougurt pancakes.
I put like way to much baking powder in them and they ended up tasting bitter so it was on to Special K protien cereal for me :)

After a yummy b fast me and aaron ran over to good will and then my daddy took us to go look at a golf store for Aaron

We have just started playing some golf and Aaron needed a pitching wedge so we went to this tiny store in Charlotte and it was so cool.
I found the perfect club for him and it was in a set so we got like 6 golf clubs for $45.

You can tell Aaron was a happy boy.

Then after that we went to the pool and swam for about an hour and a 1/2. That was my first time at the pool this year and it felt so great. It is just so relaxing and really feels great on your joints.
While we were at the pool we acted like little kids and did races and saw how long each of us could hold our breat.. um how bout no time at all... i think i have a defect. lol

After drying off.. lunch :)
Then to go buy me some awesome running shoes!
I am sooo incredibly excited! It is so much fun to try on new shoes... it makes me wanna go jump and run even more!! I can not wait till Nov 17th (1/2 marathon day)

Then we went to Aaron's house to get date clothes for tonight.
I also examined our baby vegetable garden... it is slowly but surley getting there.

Then off to play golf.

The rest of Saturday will be talked about in the next post :)
It was just to much to put in just one..

What is your favoirte saturday morning bfast?
Are you planning to run any races here soon?
Any 1/2 marathon advice?

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