Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2 more days!

It's Wednesday!! Yay... only 2 more days to the weekend!

Today has been pretty good.. my first post today has def changed the way I am feeling. I really am just trying to be grateful for all that I have and all the other stuff that goes on is just in God's plan :)
It is nice to feel this way :)

This morning I have been trying to figure out what pictures and designs I want to use for my save the dates... yay 332 more days!!

I am so ready... I know I say it all the time but it is so true :)

So after a morning of looking at save the dates and working it was time for some Flex and Fit :)

Today I did some Air Yoga :)
Air yoga is absolutley my favorite type of yoga. It is very easy and stretches you so much. We do 4 main poses. Downward dog, lunges, inversions, and squats.
All of the poses using the silks (the fabric hanging down) really opens up your body so much! It is just so AMAZING and I totally reccomend it to anyone!

It is so relaxing to do in the middle of the day (I go during lunch)

After I got back from some air yoga I had me a Detour Bar :)
And read some of this book.
This book is so good. I am trying my absolute hardest to become the best wife I can be (well future wife)
Today I have been reading about forgiveness and how important it is. There were so many great things that I need to try to remember in my everyday life. One quote that really stuck out was "Forgiveness has little to do with what was done to us, but much to do with what we chose to do with it. I believe it is the ultimate expression of love."

How true... so may times whatever I am mad about is so insignifgant. Yet I let it drag me down... I let Satan win and ruin my day.
It is such a wonderful reminder that I get to chose to forgive... whatever or whoever hurt me is not that big in eternity's view. I can show God's love to them through one simple act.
So many times I fall short.... But with God's grace I am able to get back up and try again.

I want to focus on that. That forgiveness is a choice. I get to chose how the story ends :)

What did you have for lunch?
Are you reading any books right now?
Any ideas on how to show forgivness?

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