Thursday, June 21, 2012

sad puppy face

Howdy yall :)
( you know I am 1/2 country)

Anywho it is offically Thursday! one more day to the weekend! yayayayayayayayay! :) I am ready.

So lets see... last night was pretty good :)

I got to see my perfect fiance. (and that makes any thing good... its like the extra gummy bears on a fro yo)

My mom dropped me off at his house on our way home from work so I could drive back with him. We have so much fun together.. i feel like we laughed the whole way. We even danced and did the fun arm moves to "Call me maybe" (we are cool ya know)

After we got home we grilled some chicken (no pic... i am still a bad bloger. i will be bettter some day.. promise)

It was perfectly amazing :)
And after we hung out just for the taddest bit and then aaron had to go home.. and I got real sad because I am not going to get to see him for 2 whole days :(

So I made a really sad face. and then pouted a tad... but that really didnt work to try to convience him not to leave.

He actually started laughing at me... I need to work on my "i am a sad puppy" face.  :)

So now I am offically a free bird for 2 days... what will I do with my time.
I think i will dream about Aaron :) and our wedding and probably work out a tad bit more :)

Now onto today :)
I woke up wayyy early (4:20)
did some Fire 45
took a shower and got ready
ate some yummy special K protien cereal with almond milk.
and now I am work.

and I am listening to the radio. :)
Do yall ever feel like listening to the radio makes your day better and go by faster... I know it has for me. :)
I am currently listening to Kat Country 96.9. And I am really like this. This is the first day I have brought my headphones to work....  I think this will be a tradition and everyday occurance.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning!

What kind of music do you listen to?
Do you have a sad face that works on anyone?
What is your plan for today?
What workout did you do today?

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