Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things that I know

Yesterday I got kinda upset with just mine and Aaron's relationship.... It was just so hard not seeing him a lot and I just kinda had a breakdown.

But we talked it out and we are totally all better now. I really have no idea how in the world I found such a perfect guy. So much more than any other dream guy I could have imagnied.

Yesterday when I got home he gave  me a letter about all the things that he knows.
Things like "I know I love you more than any fiance here on Earth could possilby love!", " I know we grow stronger each day" and " I know dancing in the kitchen cheer you up."

How in the world did I become so lucky!
I know that I am so blessed.

So today I was thinking about all the things that I know.
Things that I have learned and things that God has taught me throughout my life. The truths about life.
I think just thinking about these things throughout the day, the week and the year can really change your attitude and help you focus on the truths instead of feelings and things that change day to today.

So here are some of the things I will try to remember. The things that never change.

  • I know that God has a plan for my life - I was put on earth for a reason and my  life has a purpose.
  • I know he created me in His image and that I am beautiful. ( To Him and to my fiance)
  • I know that Christ died for my sins and I will go to heaven.
  • I know that my fiance loves me and would do anything for me.
  • I know that I love my fiance and that no matter how worried or scared about the future I am that he will not leave me and God is planning every step.
  • I know that through Christ I can do ALL things.
  • I know that I am blessed beyond words...just waking up is a blessing.
  • I know that God will provide.
  • I know that the little downs in life are just for a little while and there is no need to sweat the small stuff.
  • I know that simply smiling makes me happier
  • I know that I have parents that love me.
  • I know that every single day is a gift.
I guess that is just a start.. but look at all those things.
They are all so true and yet so many times I forget about them and start to worry. These things are the things I need to keep in front of me everyday.
I think the main thing is to remember that every single day is a blessing... a day that should not be taken for granted.

I know that.... espceially now that I stopped and thought about it.

Do you ever stop and think about what you know?
Do you really know that God loves you... no matter who you are?
What are your plans for today to make it count?

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