Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Warriors

So this past weekend me and the fiance have done sooo much hard work on our soon to be house. He lives there now with 2 other roommates BUT in less than a year ( 363 days to be exact) I will call it home.

We got back from Myrtle Beach on Thursday afternoon and have been hard at work since.
I started off by pressure washing the little walk way going to the house and then the fiance mowed all the grass.

Friday consisted of doing wayyyy to much work. Probably more work than I have ever done... ever. ( Im not the real lets go get in the dirt kinda girl) We excavated and laid mulch, by hand, for over 300 sq feet to make soon to be flower beds. But it ended up being totally worth it... they look so AMAZING!!
But basically by the end of that day I could barely lift my hand above my head and my arms were literally shaking from doing all that work.
I need to begin to work out more :) ---- at least lifting more weights

Saturday was dedicated to first getting my hair cut but then back to the house..... it never ends lol

We ended up doing a ton of work putting up different lifts and also putting up our 1st American flag!!!

I think it looks pretty darn good :)

Fiance is in the military and I am so honored to put our flag up for all to see. I LOVE America and really feel like we need to learn to appreciate all the little things that we have in America and all the people who have given so much for us.

After all the hard work we got fro yo :)

It is after all my first post back and what better way to be apart of the blogger community than by eating fro yo :)

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