Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1st day

Well yesterday was my first day at work.
My 2nd go around as in intern :)

I must say that even though this is only my second time going to work here i feel a million billion more times more confident than i did last summer.

So anywho I woke up sorda early (6 am) to go and work out.

I offically strated TurboFire again.

Day ONE complete - Fire 30

It felt absolutley AMAZING to finally complete it. I already feel better.
My goal is to offically start to lose 5 to 10 lbs. I just want to tone up. I know that eveyone says that but I guess it is really the truth.
So ill keep yall updated on that journey... maybe even progress pics. But idk i havent even taken any yet.

In conjunction with my Turbofire, I am also working on my eating habits.
I feel like I never learned how to eat properly as a kid so I always just snack and eat baby meals throughout the day and alwasys have to have something sweet at the end of each meal.
( Gummy bears are my favorite)

So I am offically starting the regimin called "Chose to Lose"
My dad is doing this and he has already lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks. (But he also has a lot more weight to lose than me) I am oh so proud of him.
Basicallly this program uses Carb Cycling to confuse your body.
One day you eat only protien, veggies and fats and the next day you eat protien and carbs ( along with veggies if you want)
From what I understand it what a lot of body builders do to lean up :)
So ill take that :)

So back to the rest of the day....
basically work
and then
I got to go see my most wonderful fiance :)
We ate some dinner (ok im trying to get the hang of this whole bloging thing so i forgot to take a picture but i will try to do better) and then went to target.

Just a good way to end a monday

so there you go folks
that was my monday :)


  • How was your monday? Do you consider it to be the wrost day of the week??
    • :) and i feel like monday thru thursday are all the same... and Friday thru Saturday are the best!
  • What workout did you do?
  • What kind of diet of lifestyle works for you??
Have a wonderful day :)

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