Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Air Ballet and kaboom

Hello everyone!

So lets see... overall yesterday was pretty great.

It started off with HITT 15. Day 2 complete
I am really loving going through Turbofire. It is so upbeat and even though I have to get up early it totally starts my day off right and actually gives me a ton and a half more energy.

So then it was off to work. It was pretty normal, nothing really to update. Just training and meetings and then lunch time came.

So I joined a gym right across the street from my work called Flex and Fit. It is AMAZING!!! I think I need to say it again AMAZING!!! I am in love!

Yesterday I took AIR BALLET. Bascically there are hanging fabiris from the celling which we used to do different ballet type moves and also cardio. It worked my whole entire body! A total win :)


I am so excited.... today I am going to try Buff Yoga. (I think it is basscially Yoga with Weights) I will update you tommorow will all the details :)

Then it was back to work and then home.

When I got home I had some dinner which consisted of a tortilla pizza. Also AMAZING. and then some peanut butter and  a rice cake. Yummy :)

After dinner me and my mom ended up going for a good 30 minute walk in our neighborhood. It was so nice just to walk and talk with my mommy :) I love her oh so much.

And the the kaboom happenened.
Bascially when we had gotten back home we could see and hear a thunderstrom was coming our way. But I mean that happens all the time. We were sitting there watching TV ( My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding) and then a huge lightning strike hit right (i mean litteraly) outside of our back window. It was so crazy scary!

Um Wow that was no fun at all.

But we are all ok... it was just a crazy experiecne.

Have a wonderful day all yall

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