Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Moday

Happy monday :)

The start of a new week. CRAZY how fast the weekend goes away.. i cant understand it.
But anywho on to what happened over the weekend.

Starting with Friday.
It was a normal friday at work except for 2 fun things :)
1stly i got to go to sports page. It is a cute little resutranat that is going to host a fun event for my work. We are trying to be heart healthy so they severed us chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers.
I got the veggie burger... delicous :) Everyone was so afraid to try it but oddly enough i really truly enjoy veggie burgers... i actualy perfer them over a regular burger ( i know i am weird but hey whatever)

2ndly... boyfriend came and picked me up and we had an awesome night of hulu. We watched 3 whole tv episodes... Teen Mom, Combat Hosptial and Love Bites

I have no clue what i am going to do when those shows take a break bc i just adore them

Onto Saturday..
Cleaning for the whole morning... with some turbofire thrown in and then a fun shrimp boil. :)

Sunday.. very good day!
Chruch in the a.m. and sunday school.. both were awesome
and then headed to nakatos to celebrate boyfriend's new job!!!
After that it was back to his house to take care of fish. and then we decided that fish( aka melvin) need new friends... so we got 6 more fishes :)
there names are
peperoni pizza
and pluto

They are so cute :)
I love them all equally :)

And then it was back to my house to watch some acution hunters ( also a very good show)

Nothing to exciting happened over the weekend... sorry :)
but i do think this week will be fairly interesting

a preview of this week
1. people coming to take everything out of the house we are about to rent out. YAY!!!
2. Cousions coming ( you have no idea how interesting this is gonna be it is gonna be a packed house)
3. Refinishing the floors for the rental house
and finally idk but im sure there is gonna be more goin on :)

Peaces yall
Have a good monday

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