Friday, May 25, 2012

Our LOVE Story

So today I thought i would post OUR story... me and Aaron's.... the greates story I know :)

Why today?? well because today we have offically been dating for 23 months..almost 2 years and less than a year till our wedding!

It all started back in my second semester at college... in Athropology class. I know what a random class to meet but i love it.
Neither one of us where Anthropology major but we both needed the class.
Aaron sat in the back of the classroom and I sat at the front. (bc fyi... i am a total nerd lol)
But anyway about a  month into school we had a review for one of the upcoming tests and i decided to go just to get some hints. Aaron happend to be there too!
I remember looking at him and thinking that he was way to cool for me and was way hott :)
So as the review continued I ended up answering most of the question and finally a question came up and the anwer was lemurs.
Anyway.. Aaron asked what is a lemur... and I replyed "What, have you never seen the movie Madagascar??"
He said no.... and then the review continued.
But those where are first spoken words to each other.
I had no idea but Aaron had already had his eyes on me since the first day... he said he didnt learn anything really bc all he did was just look at me in class.
So after that test was completed another test came up and about a week before Aaron came up and asked me if i could study with him bc I seemed smart.
I still was clueless about him liking me but i said yes.
I came with all my study guide done but we ended up laughing and talking the WHOLE time.
I loved it!!

So basically that continued throgh all the other tests but I still had no idea that he really liked me. I felt like maybe he just wanted a friend.
He took me on a date to the Brio ( AMAZING) and we had a great time but he thought i didnt like him and i thought he didnt really like me so we ended up not really hanging out to much more.

Then after that semester was over Aaron texted me and asked if I could just hang out. I said yes... and from that point on I knew he was the one.
That day we went to a cute resturant, zeta jane's, went to taste of charlotte and then went to his appartment to go hang out with some of his friends.

After all of that we hung out EVERY SINGLE day that summer. It took him about 3 weeks for him to ask me to be his girlfriend but finally on June 25th, 2010 he asked.

We have had the greatest time EVER. I would not change one thing.
I am oh so glad he asked what a lemur was that one day :)
I have no idea what I would do without my best friend. He is more than all my hopes and dreams and better than any prince charming I have ever seen!

I know God brought him right to that class for a reason :)

I am so incredibly blessed and I am so ready becuase in 358 more days I can finally say I am his wife <3

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