Thursday, May 24, 2012

Be Buff

Good Morning :)

So another workday. Only 1 more day till Friday and relaxation.
I have (almost) made it a whole work week.

so lets get started with yesterday :)

Yesterday was pretty normal agian
I really am sorry yall... i have a pretty borning normal life. :) wow that sure makes everyone want to follow me hahaha
but for real i do :)

So anyway I began my day doing to awesome Turbofire. I am keeping up with all the days :) pretty proud of myself i must say. :)
I completed Fire 30 again. and then at lunch time I did some BUFF YOGA.
I have to say it wasnt as amazing as AIR BALLET but I still really enjoyed it. I was so nice to be able to stretch and relax during the middle of the day.
Plus I really feel ( i know it really doesnt) like it lengthens me out and gives me dancer abs. (which i so totally want)

Work was the same old same old. actually not a whole lot to do.
but i dont mind getting paid to do nothin :) (i did do some stuff just not a ton)

Last night I have to say I was very very very exhausted. I think it has been my 2 a day work outs plus waking up earlier than usual. I was like a walking zombie. but i pushed myself to stay up till 9:30. (I could have gone to bed at like 5 and been prefectly happy lol )

So last night me and my mom went to wally world and then to the mailbox and then to harris teeter to get some yummy almond milk.

Just one note/ fun fact about me.... I am in love with unsweetned almond milk. It is so delicous and low calorie. Plus i really feel like I am partially lactose intolerant so that just makes it nessary (in my eyes) to buy this yummy stuff :)

Ok so I know that was boring but hopefully this weekend will be a tad bit more exciting :)

talk to yall soon :)

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