Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saddleback what????

Sooo today :) i did my very first ever group fittness class at flex and fit. It is a really cool and new fittness facilty in charlotte. It only offers group fittness classes but really unique ones.
Today i did what is called air fittness.
The basic idea of this workout is to use these cloths hanging from the celling.
I thought at first it would be fairly easy and def not a cardio work out but let me tell you i def could feel it working. But at the same time it was totally different then anything i had every done before and that made the class really fun.
It was a ton of upper body and a lot of core. :) Lower abs were torchered but i dont mind bc i can never seem to work them out properly. so acctually working them out made me uber happy. :)

I joined the gym... they had me hooked with all they showed me the cool locker room and told me they had awesome spin classes and hot yoga plus all those fun bands hanging from the celing.
It sorda makes me feel like i am part of a cool movement or am one of those hip people who go to the gym during lunch and live in the city and always wear yoga pants. :) I like that feeling :)

Anywho im gonna work out more tonight :) i am super excited!! Me and boyfriend are going to the gym so im gonna get some good ole cardio in and then get my mussle on by trying to copy boyfriend on the machines :)

I never ever ever used to do weights but i am finding now that i am sorda starting to look forward to weight lifiting time.. i also feel like it oddly speeds up my metabolism :) ohh and i do love that :)

Ohhh also it is crazy thundering outside :(
I know i am grown up and all but i still always get this sinking feeling in my stomach when i thunders and lightings. i just want boyfriend to hold me... and maybe watch a movie with me :)
But ironically thunderstorms at the beach.... i love! i love watching them on the porch of whatever place we are staying. it is just so, i dont know how to say.... comforting?? idk but it is a really cool place to watch a thunderstorm.

well peaces yall
have a great rest of the day :)

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