Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You know its love when....

Well i have decided that after over a year of dating i can finally for sure saythat i love boyfriend( there really wasnt any doubt in my mind but this proves it)
Why you ask... well you probably arent asking this but im gonna tell you anyways :)
I skipped Pretty Little Liars last night just so i could watch it with him.. this is crazy becuase how in the world can someone miss this show that has you sitting on the edge of seat for like an hour and you have to watch it the next week???..well i guess love is the answer to that question is LOVE :)

So instead of watching Pretty Little Liars me and my mommy went to Sams :) and then i worked out with Tracy Anderson ( her videio)
Sam's by the way ( also Costco... we are in love with both stores) is like our home away from home. we go there to do everything. At least once a week we will be there.. it never fails.
I even buy clothes there... and magazines and cinimon :)

( Fun fact... i am obsessed with cinimon and my whole family plus boyfriend think i am insane for putting so much on an into everything)

So onto the workout... Tracy Anderson
This was a pretty good workout i must say. It is a lot of the same move over and over again but i can def feel it today.. over all a sucsess
It claims to make you have a girl petie body... so i hope it works bc i have always always wanted to have dancer abs :)

Ohhh yes and with more news... i am strating a new diet ( i started it on monday)
It is the Belly Fat cure diet
It is basically cutting down on all the sugar and carbs you put in your body.
I have tried it but did not stick with it but i really believe it is gonna help me out :)
Last time i could totally tell a difference in my abs :)

Ill keep yall updated
Peaces :)

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