Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lose the Training Wheels

This past Thursday and Friday I had the opprotunity to go help out with a absolutley wonderful organization. It was so much more than I expected.

Lose the Training wheels is a non profit organization that helps mentally challenged children (who are absolutley precious and oh so smart) learn to ride bicycles.

I went into the expereince feeling a little shaky... i didn't know if I would be able to help anyone at all learn to ride a bike but after watching some of the other volunteers I decideded to finally step up and give it a try.

Lose the Training Wheels is so efficent with their techinique of teaching all the kids how to ride bikes. They start all the kids off at the begining of the week with special bikes that have cool peg wheels to help them learn how to balance. As they progress they are able to finally learn how to ride by themsleves on a real 2 wheel bike.

Once I got out of my comfort zone, I had the most rewarding experince I could ever imagine having. I loved getting to know each child and learning that we are not that different at all. Before this expereince, I had never had a lot of interaction with special needs children but though interacting I learned we are all the same.

After the two days where over I went home feeling AMAZING.
Everyday after work I always come home feeling a little down, but after volunteering and helping all those children and seeing their faces light up, I felt like a new person.
I was so excited about life and so thankful to be able to live. I honestly felt like a new person. I had been renewed.
Through this experience I truly feel renewed and refreshed... I have new eyes.

I want to go out and help and I turly want to make a difference. It really showed me that there is so much more to life than the mundane work...I want to live my life.

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