Friday, July 20, 2012

Running around crazy

So so sorry it has been forever since I have written.
I keep meaning to write but then I always forget to take pics and then just loose motivation.

But anyway I am finally back :)
And will promise to try to be better. pinkie promise!

We will just go ahead and start with this morning and then work backwards :) (if that isn't to confusing... i have a feeling this might be an "all over the place post"

This morning was pretty good I must say.
Woke up at 5:20 and then did The Firm Express - 10 min Abs and Pump it up (10 mins) plus the Summer Shape up Cardio from Blogilates (13 mins)  :)

After that I got alll ready and headed down to get some grub. 
- Bad picture coming... be warned. 

Some Okios Greek Yogurt with a handful of Almond Special K and then an extra handful after.
I also added some stevia and some cinnamon :)

Yummy :)

Now I am at work.. blah blah blah. boring. but it is Friday so it is almost the weekend and I can not WAIT. Yay... I love getting to hang out and spend time with my fiance :)

The other eats for today are going to consisit of

Lunch - Turkey totilla wrap

Snack - Apple Sauce with cinnamon

Dinner - Sweet potato, Veggie Straws (not pictured) and Dark Chocolatte.

So onto 1/2 marathon training plan update.
I really feel like I am doing awesome... better than expected, escpecailly with my shin splint issues.
I am running 3 days a week. ( I would love to run more but my legs just think that is good for right now)
I run about 4-5 miles on tuesday and thursday and then do my long run on saturday. :)

This Saturday will be 6 miles again.. last saturday I ran 6 miles in 53:36. Pretty okish....i think.

I don't want to bore you with my silly life but that is what has been goin on :)

I promis there will be better posts soon :)

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